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European roulette is the most commonly played roulette type around the world. However, in North America, American roulette is regarded to be more popular and considered to be the classic one. When playing European premium roulette, players are benefiting from the lower house edge. Therefore, the winning chances are statistically higher than in traditional classic roulette. This is all thanks to the only one zero pocket and the absence of double zero pockets on the wheel and the square on the table. European roulette wheel also features different sequences of numbers on it but it does very little difference to the gameplay.

Recommendations of professionals, how to play European roulette?

European roulette wheel that is played online assumes the use of four major approaches that can help to win at all times. It can be presented as follows:

  1. The approach of Fibonacci is a simple way of doubling the bet for as many times as a person like until either the loss is recovered or win is hit;
  2. The approach of Paroli’s attacking strategy is a positive progression approach. For example, when a person wins by placing a bet, the next bet is placed on exactly the same square but it is doubled. The player has to decide when to stop doubling. On the other hand, if the loss takes place, no doubling is executed and the next bet is made somewhere else;
  3. The approach of Martingale is the negative progression strategy. This is the opposite of Paroli and the player uses doubling to recover losses and fix the win in the case of the loss being suffered. If the win is hit instantly no doubling is used and the next bet is made somewhere else;
  4. The approach of Labouchere is exactly the same as Martingale. The prime difference is that the player waits for the sequence of results to appear and then acts against it. People may make a record of what takes place and calculate the odds of the desired outcome to appear on the wheel.

European roulette wheel assumes plenty of other approaches, so people can download it online at any time when it is required.

European roulette differences

When the European roulette casino is considered, it is crucial to understand the prime differences by comparing it to its counterparts. Such differences may serve as a pure advantage for European roulette.

  • The sequence of numbers;
  • Layout of the table;
  • The only one zero pocket on the wheel;
  • Higher house edge then in American roulette;
  • Lower house edge than in French roulette;
  • The simplest rules.

European roulette wheel offers rules that are very easy to understand, as there are no double zero pockets and there are no announced bets. So, everything is very simple and can be understood with ease.

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