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“A little wheel” is the translation of the name of this truly a unique casino game. All features of roulette are exceptional and attract different gamers for a hundred years. The gameplay is exciting and fascinating. It captures the attention of all levels of gamers from newbies to the most experienced ones. All versions of roulette will surprise and excite every single gamer along the way.

There are different versions of the game and each has some unique and interesting features. But there are a number of fundamental features that are common for all styles:

  • the game uses a table for placing virtual chips to make bets which is designed with a special layout; each bet is written on the table in a particular sector;
  • a wheel is used to roll the small ball on it; the wheel rotates in one direction while the ball goes in another and eventually, fall on the wheel stopping in one fraction;
  • the wheel is fractionated in colored sections; red and black colors cover 36 fractions and certain fractions (one to three) can be covered with green;
  • digits are written on each fraction; those that are placed on green ones can be a zero, a double zero, or a triple zero;
  • the house edge varies from 1.35% up to over 7%;
  • placing wagers should reflect the predictions of gamers about the fraction where the ball will stop: gamers guess particular qualities of that fraction.

There is no 100% working method to predict where the ball will eventually stop because its rotation is subject to a random generator. Nothing can influence the rotation, but the gamer can learn to manage his bets wisely because the odds of bets are known and can be used to create a good betting strategy.

The best online roulette games: versions

There are several main styles of this game:

  1. European – it is a style that has 37 fractions with one zero; the wheel is at one end of the table; the house edge is 2.70%;
  2. French – it is a style that has 37 fractions with one zero; the wheel is in the middle of the table; the house edge is 2.70%; it has additional La Partage and En Prison rules;
  3. American – it is a style that has 38 fractions with a zero and double zero; the wheel is at one end of the table; the house edge is 5.26%;
  4. Sands – it is a style that has 39 fractions with a zero, double zero, and triple zero; the wheel is at one end of the table; the house edge is 7.69%.

There are a lot of other variants such as mini-roulette, multi-wheel roulette, or double ball roulette. The gamer can choose the most suitable version for himself by trying it as the best free roulette game in the Instant play mode or in the app for Android or IOS.

The bets in the game

Bets in this game is divided into two categories. The first category is called “inside bets” and consists of:

  • Straight – on the exact figure – is the riskiest bet in the best online roulette Canada;
  • Split – on two figures that share the side of their locations on the table’s layout;
  • Street – on three figures in a horizontal line on the layout;
  • Corner – on four figures that create a square on the table’s layout;
  • Double Street – on six figures in two adjacent horizontal lines on the table’s layout;
  • Trio – on three figures including zero that share the corner on the table’s layout;
  • First Four/Basket – on the first four figures on the table’s layout.

The second category is called “outside bets” and consists of:

  • High/Low – on the range of 1-18 or 19-36;
  • Red/Black;
  • Odd/Even;
  • Dozen – the ranges are divided into thee – 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36;
  • Column – on the vertical line on the table’s layout;
  • Snake – on the zigzag line from 1 to 34 on the table’s layout.

All bets have their own odds that should be considered in order to play wisesly.

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