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American roulette is well known for its biggest house edge advantage but it still attracts lots of players and especially in North America. It has two zero pockets and a different sequence in the wheel layout. When it comes to American roulette wheel strategy, players can use exactly the same approaches as it is used in traditional roulette. Every American roulette strategy can be suited for one gambler and may not be suited for another, so this is a game of a chance and players must pick something up, which suites them the best.

James Bond American roulette approach

James Bond American roulette strategy for betting and playing in the long turn. It provides plenty of stability and the bets are widespread along with the whole table. The bet sizes that are provided below can be decreased by several times, so players have plenty of chances to win a lot and use the doubling system in order to recover losses and fix wins. The strategy is very simple and it is all about shifting priorities towards getting the maximum amount of bets being covered.

  1. The strategy will require approximately USD 200.00;
  2. Roughly USD 140 are placed on the large numbers from 19 to 36 and if the number takes place it may bring the reward of USD 80.00;
  3. The other USD 50.00 are placed on the lower numbers from 13 to 18 and if the number takes place it may bring the reward of USD 100.00;
  4. The remaining USD 10.00 are placed on zeros just as insurance and if the number takes place it may bring the reward of USD 160.00;
  5. If lower numbers appear on the wheel from 1 to 12 a loss will be suffered and Martingale’s strategy will be applied by the use of doubling in the next turn.

American roulette strategy in James Bond approach can be used by implementing cutting-edge technologies. There are lots of applications on the market that can scan the table and the wheel and come up with the idea of making successful bets. It must be remembered that in the case of the losses and implementation of the Martingale approach, players will need some spare cash several times bigger than the initial amount of money that is placed as a bet. Depended on the number of double turns, the overall amount of money must be equal to that size.

American roulette strategy to win

American roulette strategy assumes lots of other ways of how to win and make successful bets. The methods that are listed below are also very popular.

  • Fibonacci approach assumes that each next bet is greater than the previous one by two. So, the gambler doubles for as long as it is wanted.
  • Paroli is a sheer positive progression strategy. A person makes a bet and if the win takes place it is fixed. The next bet is doubled and placed on the same squire. In the case of the loss, no recovery is made.
  • Martingale is a pure negative progression approach. Bets are doubled in the case of the loss and placed on the same square. If the win is hit, it is fixed and the next bet is made somewhere else.
  • Labouchere is exactly the same as the previous approach. Players simply wait for the sequence of numbers of chances to appear. For example, the gambler is prepared to make five doubling turns to recover losses and waits for another five turns before committing himself. In the end, the player gets ten turns to win in total.

American roulette strategy requires some skills and the above-stated best strategies will surely reward anyone who would like to challenge his luck by playing this great game.

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